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The professionals at POKOTYLO have experience spanning the spectrum of intellectual property law. Preparing, procuring, and maintaining patents and trademarks, both in the United States and abroad, forms a significant part of our professional practice.

Our Patent Practice:
Patents are challenging to prepare — both the relevant law and the technology must be well understood. We believe that recognizing and understanding the legal issues requires a firm grounding in the relevant statutes, rules and case law. It also requires a sensitivity to issues and challenges that arise when a patent is litigated. Given our experience, we can prepare well-crafted patent applications, at very competitive prices. Given our relatively low overhead, we can take the time to understand our clients’ needs and new technologies while remaining cost-effective.

Our Trademark Practice:
Although preparing a trademark application generally involves less work than preparing a patent application, competent searching and clearance opinions preceding trademark preparation is often crucial. We has experience in searching databases of registered and pending federal trademark registrations, as well as working with search companies which have access to more extensive databases (including federal and state trademark records, sources which may indicate potential common law trademark rights, and Internet domain names). After analyzing the results of any searches commissioned, if the trademark is clear, we can then prepare, file, and prosecute the trademark application. We can also maintain existing registered trademarks.

Related Services:
Our professionals are also experienced in preparing opinions regarding the validity or infringement of patents and trademarks, negotiating and drafting license agreements, monitoring the activities of competitors which may infringe our clients’ intellectual property, and conducting intellectual property audits.


POKOTYLO PATENT SERVICES is committed to understanding our clients’ products, services and business methods, and the competitive advantage such products, services and business methods afford our clients vis-à-vis their competitors. This process may involve evaluating existing assets of a client and its competitors, such as rendering opinions as to the validity or infringement of patents or trademarks. Once a client’s business and its relevant industry are understood POKOTYLO PATENT SERVICES will craft a program to protect and exploit intellectual property assets to protect our client’s long-term earnings capacity. This process may involve preparing, prosecuting and maintaining patent and trademark applications, monitoring competitor activities, asserting existing intellectual property assets against infringers, and licensing intellectual property assets.


Intellectual property has emerged as one of businesses’ highest priorities. Indeed, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and/or trade secrets may be vital to a business’s long-term earnings capacity. Patents, copyrights, and trade secrets allow a company to protect its investment in developing, for example, new or improved products, integrated systems, manufacturing methods, software and even methods of doing business. Trademarks allow a company to protect the good will associated with a product name, service name, or logo.